Terms of Sale

By purchasing from Elemental Herps, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to these following sales terms.



A non-refundable deposit is required to hold any animal.  A 50% deposit is required to hold animals up to $400 in value and 25% for any animal over $400 is required.  Deposits are payable via e-transfer,, PayPal, direct deposit, cash or Visa/Mastercard.

Payment Plans

Payment plans for up to 45 days are available for purchases up to $700.  90 day payment plans are available for purchases greater than $700 and less than $4000.  For purchases greater than $4000, please contact us to discuss.  If the buyer is unable to fulfill the purchase plan within the agreed upon timeframe, they will forfeit the animal(s) as well as  deposit.  All purchases must be paid for in full prior to shipping.  Please visit our shipping page for more fun reading.


All of our animals are guaranteed to be  in perfect health unless otherwise stated.  Our animals come with a 7 day health guarantee, provided that proper care requirements are followed.  Animals will be properly sexed (unless sold as unsexed) and well established on appropriate, unscented prey items.  If there is an error in sexing, we will exchange the animal for one of the correct sex.



We ship through carriers with years of experience transporting live animals.  The buyer is responsible for being available on the prearranged delivery date.   We offer a live arrival guarantee, provided that they are received within 2 hours of arrival.  If there are DOA’s, photo’s are required within the 2 hour window of receiving the animal.  If the DOA is deemed to be due to a shipping error on our part, the buyer will be given a full refund or replacement of equal value.  If the DOA is deemed to be due to negligence on the buyer’s end, no refunds or replacements will be given.  At certain times of the year, we may require that the animal(s) be picked up at the nearest FedEx hub.  This is to ensure the safety of the animal during severe weather conditions and is non-negotiable.  If the buyer is unable to collect at a FedEx hub, we will reschedule shipping when there are favourable weather conditions. 


Provincial Laws

We do not sell Hognoses to those residing in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia due to Provincial legislation.  Please check to make sure you’re complying with municipal, provincial and federal laws.


Federal and State Laws

We do not sell or ship Plains (Western) Hognoses to those residing in Iowa, Kansas or Colorado.  A permit is required to own Plains Hognoses in Colorado (but we still can’t ship there), Illinois and Missouri.  Please check to make sure you’re complying with municipal, state and federal laws.


Not so fine print

We will not sell to anyone under the age of 18 unless a parent is present, (equally as excited) and gives consent to purchase an animal from us.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale if we deem someone an unsuitable match for the species.