Available Short Codes



EH100M14Anaconda double het Sable AlbinoM08/23/2020$900 CADAmazing, deep reds on this boy!!

EH100F16Albino 100% het SableFemale08/23/2020$1100 CAD

EH100F07Albinoconda 100% het SableFemale08/23/2020$2200 CADSold - This gorgeous gal will make some amazing Solar Flares in the future!

EH100F04Anaconda (or Superconda?) double het Sable AlbinoFemale08/23/2020$1900 CADSold - By far, our coolest looking hatchling from 2020. She'll make some amazing Solar Flares in the future!

Sable 66% het ToffeebellyFemale$3800 CADSold - A gorgeous RTB adult that no longer fits in our breeding plans

BluReverse Stripe Albino AnacondaFemale07/15/2018$1000 CADSold - A super reduced reverse stripe girl we've decided to let go!

GGPistachio AnacondaFemale08/03/2019$1700 CADSold



E. agricolaeE. agricolaeMale10/15/2020$275 CADThis big boy could be ready to breed this year!