Canadian Shipping

Shipping is available  via WestJet Cargo, Air Canada Cargo, Harbour Air or Reptile Express weather providing.  

Flat rate of $50 for purchases over $500 via Reptile Express

AC Cargo or WestJet $100

Shipping to Vancouver Island via Harbour Air $35

  ** Free Canada-wide shipping on purchases over $1,000**

Live arrival is guaranteed provided they are received same day.  If there are DOA's, photo's are required within 3 hours of receiving the animal.  Buyer will be given a full refund or replacement of equal value.

US Shipping

Shipping to the lower 49 States is available directly through Elemental Herps as we hold a valid US Fish and Wildlife Import Export Permit.  For our American customers, please remember to add $186 to your purchase price for USFW inspection fees.  To make it more economical, we suggest group purchases.  Whether it's 1 snake or 5 snakes, USFW fees remain the same.   For purchases over $1500 USD, Elemental Herps will cover the cost of gas to Bellingham airport. 

European Shipping

Shipping to the UK and other parts of Europe are available.  Please contact us for a list of available export dates.  For purchases over  €1350, Elemental Herps will cover the cost of shipping from Vancouver to our Montreal shippers office.

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Western Hognose Snake Breeder in Canada