Canadian Shipping

Shipping is available  via WestJet Cargo, Air Canada Cargo, Harbour Air or Reptile Express weather providing.  

Flat rate of $50 for purchases over $500 via Reptile Express

AC Cargo or WestJet $120

Shipping to Vancouver Island via Harbour Air $15 - $45

  ** Free Canada-wide shipping on purchases over $1,000**

Live arrival is guaranteed provided they are received within 2 hours of delivery scan.  If there are DOA's, photo's are required within 2 hours of receiving the animal.  Buyer will be given a full refund or replacement of equal value.

US Shipping

Shipping to (most of) the lower 49 States is available directly through Elemental Herps as we hold a valid US Fish and Wildlife Import Export Permit.  For our American customers, please remember to add $186 to your purchase price for USFW inspection fees.  To make it more economical, we suggest group purchases.  Whether it's 1 snake or 5 snakes, USFW fees remain the same.   For purchases over $1500 USD, Elemental Herps will cover the cost of gas to Bellingham airport, as well as shipping from Bellingham airport to your US address or FedEx hub. 

European Shipping

Shipping to the UK and Europe is available.  Please contact us for a list of available export dates.  For purchases over  €1350, Elemental Herps will cover the cost of shipping from Vancouver to our Montreal shippers office.

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