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Clutch 2 is out and man are they killer

Clutch 2 from our Albinoconda x Albinoconda pairing started hatching on July 15th. On July 16th, we woke up to find 2 Albino Superconda's and a few odd-looking Albinoconda's. It wasn't until the 17th that the last egg, keeping us in anticipation, finally pipped. Surprised to say the least, we hatched out 2 Albino Superconda's, 1 Albino Tiger Conda, 1 Albino Tiger and 4 Reverse Stripe Albinoconda's! The odd gods were in our favour. We've seen a handful of Reverse Stripe Hognoses, but none with such prominent striping. Needless to say, we will be holding back all hatchlings exhibiting this pattern trait for future development.

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