Who are we?


Elemental Herps came onto the scene over a decade ago, when our quest to locate Axolotl's turned into something completely unexpected.  What started as a breeding pair of axolotl's, quickly grew and we became Canada's first prominent breeder, giving them recognition they hadn't received in local reptile and amphibian communities.  After several years producing different morphs, we placed our remaining breeding stock in collections across Canada.  We dabbled with breeding Correlophus Sarasinorum for a number of years, producing BC's first White-Collared Sarasinorum.


Fast forward to present day and our focus is now on Western Hognoses (Heterodon nasicus) and Eurydactylodes.

In 2014 we purchased our first pair of hognoses from a Canadian breeder.  We have since acquired and produced many morphs, some of unproven genetic lineage, and some not yet available in North America.  We are one of a small handful of breeders in Canada working with the species and the only ones in Canada's Pacific Northwest with a collection this genetically diverse.  We love our spacious ARS 5040 Hybrid racks that house our adult hognoses and our custom racks from Cornel's World for hatchlings and yearlings.  Our focus has always been quality before quantity.  

We don't breed for financial gain.  Our breeding plans are driven by

passion and a love for these quirky "hiss noodles" with upturned snouts.

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Western Hognose Snake Breeder in Canada